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 Home Inspection by Aggressive Inspections

  My name is Joe Milovitz.   I am the owner of Aggressive Inspections, an independent New Jersey home inspection company.   All experienced New Jersey home inspectors do the same thing, only difference is the quality of the job.  An independent NJ Home inspector is a person or company that does not solicit business from a realtor or real estate agency.  That means we work only for you.   Your interests and safety, and that of your families, is our only concern.

  Aggressive Inspections has earned a reputation for top-quality New Jersey home inspections and it's customer oriented service. We exceed the expectations of our clients on a regular basis and are proud to have an extremely high customer satisfaction rating.  What we do is simple, we perform highly ethical, thoroughly extensive New Jersey home inspections performed by New Jersey home inspectors. 

  Aggressive is a multi-faceted business that does residential home inspections, commercial inspections, bank, stage and also insurance inspections.  We have also been certified by the US Department of Housing & Urban Development to perform FHA Compliance inspections, a minimum of three years building experience is required.  We bring practical experience to all our New Jersey home inspections.  To learn more visit our Facebook page.

Buyers you found the home you want.  
It may be the  biggest investment you've ever made. While the home you have selected may appear to be just what you want, how can you be sure there aren't potentially serious deficiencies.  There is no perfect home, and all have had their  share of problems at some time. 

  Having your new home professionally inspected by a licensed New Jersey home inspector will give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision before you buy.  With so much invested you'll want a professional NJ home inspection. What does a home inspector do?

  When buying a home, you should always have a professional home inspector performed an inspection. You need to know exactly what you are getting. The home inspection will reveal any hidden problems with the home so that they may be addressed before you close the deal. This makes your buying decision much easier and more confident.

When we inspect a home we will look at everything that makes up the building such as:

  • Structural elements of the foundation and framing

  • Plumbing, heating and AC systems

  • Roofing, chimney and attic

  • Electrical systems

  • Exterior conditions, paint, siding, decks, porches etc.

  • Kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, stairs, laundry, garage and every other interior room.

  The inspection report will tell you what needs to be repaired and what routine maintenance tasks you should perform to keep the house in top condition.

  You should require an inspection at the time or before you make a formal offer. Make sure the contract has an inspection contingency. Then, arrange for Aggressive Inspections to come inspect the house. Finally, pay close attention to the inspection report and your home inspector. If you aren't comfortable with what we find, you should insist that the seller correct the problems before closing or negotiate for a lower purchase price or better terms to compensate.

  The professional New Jersey home inspection will reduce the risk of costly surprises with what is likely to be the largest purchase you will ever make. It helps you to make a more informed, more comfortable decision. 3 Mistakes of Buying a Home


Sellers you want to move on you have your reasons, but you have to sell your existing home.  The potential buyers have come and gone but no offers have been made, why?  Because they found the same house with less problems for the same price!  Identify your homes unknown issues.  Fix them for your price by a contractor of you choice.  Don't let unknown problems ruin your sale because of failed negotiations.  Having your home professionally inspected by certified NJ home inspector will give you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions before you sell.  Remember when a real buyer does arise he or she will have their own qualified home inspector checking your home.

  Why would you want to hire a professional home inspector prior to listing your property?  Because, if your home is in top condition you'll get the highest price and to the closing quicker with fewer surprises.

  This gives you two options. First, the home can be presented "as is" and reflect any problems in the purchase price. This allows you the option to negotiate with a buyer to accept items in the current condition by stipulating that they are reflected in the purchase price. If you hadn't identified these problems a buyer may walk away from the deal if the conditions come as a surprise after an offer has already been made. You know the buyer's inspector will find them, at the worst possible time, causing delays, and costing you more money.

  Secondly, you can have the problems fixed before you list so they don't become an issue between you and the buyer.

Selling Your Home

  The inspection should be done as early as possible once you have made the decision to sell your home.  This way, if there are any problems discovered that need to be repaired, you can have the repairs done on your own terms and schedule.

  When a problem isn't found until the buyer has an inspection performed, the deal you've worked so hard to get done may fall apart unless you act quickly to get the repairs done. Or you may have to take a lower price in order to keep the deal. You'll most certainly have more headaches and spend more money than if you'd known about the problem and had it repaired before negotiations began. Buyers appreciate knowing the condition of the major elements of a home upfront and in most area's sellers are required to disclose the condition of the home.

  Knowing what's wrong with your home in advance allows you to shop around and get competitive bids from contractors, rather than being forced into paying for a rush job at the last minute. You also have the flexibility to choose the materials and methods used in the repair. By identifying needed repairs early, you'll have the option to save money by using less expensive materials for the repairs.
9 Mistakes of Selling a Home

Don't wait until a real estate contract is on the line.


Current Homeowners, follow-up maintenance home inspections are recommended every few years by a qualified home inspector. Follow-up home inspections can help to identify problems and damage in your home before they become an expensive threat to your fiscal and physical well being.

  A follow-up home inspection is a visual examination of your home's systems, mechanicals and structure.  We provide an 8-point inspection, which includes the electrical, heating & cooling systems, plumbing, exterior, structure, roofing, insulation and the interior.

  The follow-up inspection does not prevent further damage to your property, but it can help you to identify and correct existing damage that you may not know about.  Finally, a follow-up home inspection is not a code inspection and does not provide you with a pass or fail score. You simply cannot fail a follow-up home inspection.

NJ Home Inspections;   Aggressive Inspections provides extensive and thoroughly performed NJ home inspections. We as New Jersey home inspectors are licensed and are Certified Radon measurement technicians which means we can perform radon testing. And these same home inspectors are licensed to perform wood destroying insect / termite inspections.  We also schedule (3rd party) private well testing, lead paint, mold & mildew, asbestos, swimming pools and septic testing. 

  We are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive information you'll need about your new home. We not only thoroughly inspect all major components to expose unknown defects, we advise you about future maintenance and we provide that same thoroughness to every aspect of your new or existing home.  

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 This site is an honest look at who we are.  It was not developed by a SEO company or a marketing firm. Please enjoy your visit.   Any questions call or email.
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